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TrippingFest on the iPhone

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"I can't find my saved pictures!"

There are known bugs in the Android phone software. For example, in Android Firmware 2.2 release 1, when you save a picture, you have to reboot the phone before you can see or load the picture. So if you have trouble saving pictures, you may need to update the firmware in your phone. Goto "Settings" and click on "About phone". There should be a display for "Firmware version", which will be a pair of numbers like "1.6" or "2.2". There will also be a button for "System updates", which can be used to update your phone to the latest Android version available from your carrier.

If you have any questions, please email Please include the phone manufacturer, phone model, firmware number and the build number. So for my HTC phone that would be: HTC Google Ion 1.6 DRC83

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The following information is horribly out of date but kept for historical reasons.

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Drawing cRaZy

I have been waiting since 2003 for someone to release something like TrippingFest. The idea behind TrippingFest is to draw many different things with many different colors. I am tired of waiting, so I built it for the iPhone.



TrippingFest on the iPhone; TrippingFest on the iPhone; Circles with ranged random colors
TrippingFest on the iPhone; random lines TrippingFest on the iPhone; ranged random colors
TrippingFest on the iPhone; More random lines and colors; I call this 'The Wave'
TrippingFest on the iPhone; ranged random colors with polar and lines TrippingFest on the iPhone; a kitty
TrippingFest on the iPhone; TrippingFest on the iPhone; Polar pattern

Image Gallery

I have drawn quite a few pictures already: View Image Gallery


Drawing optical illusions

Drawing crazy pictures

Explanation of icons

Although I do not like substituting text with icons, iPhone users are used to this. Here is a diagram for things without proper labels.

Explanation of things without proper labels


Around 2003, I wrote a drawing program with Visual Basic 5 (not 6). You could draw lots of different patterns with random colors. It had automated random drawing and around 20 different patterns. I was in middle school at the time, so it also made fart noises.

After waiting for someone to make something superior and more complete (and release it for free), I could find no programs that captured the essence of TrippingFest. In early 2009, I embarked on efforts to make a multi-platform drawing platform based on the Visual Basic program with intent to release. I chose Java and before long I had a nice proof-of-concept. When I showed most people the demo they found it amazing. However, I swamped with irrelevant college coursework and I had to discontinue serious development. After school ended, I realized I would never finish the desktop version: I would never stop adding features.

I then realized that people who have iPhones would probably enjoy the app. I personally don't own an iPhone. I contacted some people over the Internet and found two people willing to loan me equipment for developing an iPhone application. Alex Alba lent me his iPhone for a week (In exchange, he got to use my really old Nokia brick phone). Kyle Coe/Sue Coe lent me their MacBook Intel with Leopard.

In one week, between work and school, I learned Objective-C, learned how to use the iPhone SDK, and finished the iPhone version of TrippingFest. Ironically, I still don't and probably never will own an iPhone.