About me

I am a software/embedded system programmer. Feel free to contact me using the email at the bottom of this page. I live in Shenzhen, China with child and wife and mother-in-law, most of the time. 你好. There's other Forrest Heller's out there, but I am the only one you can trust.

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^ She's selling earrings and face sponges! (She is not happy I put this on here!)

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These Days

I work at a small company called Occipital. I did a bunch of work on the Structure Sensor, the world's first 3D sensor for mobile devices.
I work at Apple now doing hardware-oriented software.

Newer stuff

Stuff I made a long time ago:

email: forrest @ domain.
Biography. I still use the same luffa. She never got me a new one. Ok now she is getting me one since I put this up here